A different way to look at procrastination and work with it.

Procrastination was always an ever present member of my getting shit done comity. A very unwelcome member that I wished would stop attending these meetings as important issues needing my undivided attention often (always) got sidetracked by cunning procrastination techniques. That’s a lie, they were not cunning at all. Staring at the ceiling for an hour wondering why spiders chose that particular corner to build the most intricate web full of spider babies destined to become spider spider’s destined to build more intricate webs in other corners of other rooms, or maybe the same room or maybe they will fly away to…wait are they going to be flying spider babies? Are they even that spiders babies…..

That’s just one form of what procrastination looked (s) like for me. Anyway, time crunches, deadlines, blasting Iranian trap music in my ears and last minute powering through made sure I got things done (thankfully). A few months ago I came across this video and the theory he puts forth of why one procrastinates really struck a cord in me and opened my eyes to the possibility he’s throwing down. 70%. Enjoy.

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