Love has been fetishized on our screens since we began watching Disney (Prince saves damsel in distress, whisks her away to the life of her dreams), continuing through our cartoons (teenage mutant hero turtles risk their lives daily to save their love, reporter April), right into chick flicks (loser becomes cool and gets guy/girl they have spent their school years pining over) and covers a large percentage of Netflix (their current weird obsession is with teenagers, love and sex or have I just gotten old?). Love is the muse of music whether about heartbreak, bitches and hoes, or ache the heart cant take because that person needs to be mine or life is not worth living. Phewh, its quiet incessant. Its everywhere. And then there is the reality TV love shows that I have to admit, are a bit of me. Love island, first dates. We are obsessed, I am obsessed. But no wonder why considering it is the main theme of the mass media milk I lovingly teethed on since I was a babba and it buzzes in my every cell; “love me, love me, why don’t you love me like they love on the tele?!”. Why oh why are we allowing these examples to be the primary teachers of romantic love? Why do we take relationship advice from Jane and Joe in the office with dodgy dating history and love degrees from the University of Hollywood? Why are we settling for less than we deserve in our love life when we would never go to a shitty coffee place if we knew the café with the good ethical organic coffee beans, super friendly staff and the comfy couches is just around the corner? Why, you ask?…Why? Because most people are so familiar and comfortable with going to the shitty coffee place that they do not want to try the new place around the corner and some people, well, they just don’t know about it and all that it has to offer. I’m here to tell you all about this new coffee shop. And incase I lost you, let me rephrase, I am here to use my life experience, self study and fruits of my love obsession with you in the hopes that you don’t settle for less in your love life. That you understand you more, why you love the way you do, and that the true love you are seeking is closer than you think, it’s just a little harder to find. Stay tuuuuned x


A different way to look at procrastination and work with it.

Procrastination was always an ever present member of my getting shit done comity. A very unwelcome member that I wished would stop attending these meetings as important issues needing my undivided attention often (always) got sidetracked by cunning procrastination techniques. That’s a lie, they were not cunning at all. Staring at the ceiling for an hour wondering why spiders chose that particular corner to build the most intricate web full of spider babies destined to become spider spider’s destined to build more intricate webs in other corners of other rooms, or maybe the same room or maybe they will fly away to…wait are they going to be flying spider babies? Are they even that spiders babies…..

That’s just one form of what procrastination looked (s) like for me. Anyway, time crunches, deadlines, blasting Iranian trap music in my ears and last minute powering through made sure I got things done (thankfully). A few months ago I came across this video and the theory he puts forth of why one procrastinates really struck a cord in me and opened my eyes to the possibility he’s throwing down. 70%. Enjoy.