“Always secure your own mask before assisting someone else”

As the commentary accompanying the well rehearsed pre-flight¬† safety show announces the title of this post, I can’t help but think about how much this rings true for living life in general.

The area of self care in Ireland has always been a bit of a touchy subject. The old Irish guilt factor, people pleasing tendencies and the underlying Mammy learned behavior of making sure those around us are comfortable before ourselves, is a breeding ground for growing all sorts of resentments and can lead to displays of unconscious passive aggressive actions to those who moments before we were foostering around after.

“Always secure your own mask before assisting someone else”

Some might argue that what I have mentioned above are traits of a caring person. Care my friends, starts with self care. You must be aware of and ensure you are doing the things you need to do to make you feel good, present and in alignment with yourself, be in your body.¬†By using the word alignment, I mean to be in alignment with you, your actions and what you stand for. These things you identify as the necessary activities, the rituals you must do to be in your body, your “personal oxygen” in your mask, can range from walking to reading to cooking and so on. This requires constant maintenance, not a once off, tick the box, good to go for life thing. Everyday. Your cup must be filled before you can begin to help fill another. Your best self is present when you tend to yourself, and when your best self is present, that is when the magic happens. You deserve your love and attention as much as anyone else. What is your “personal oxygen”?

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