You CAN have your cake and eat it!

I never really understood the phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it”. What is the point in getting and having cake if you can not eat it? It is nonsense. This life is yours to live and it is up to you to live it how you want to. I believe we all have the right to make any decision as long as we are not hurting ourselves or others, not messing with our freedom or anothers’. Why settle? Why buy cake and not eat it? Life is meant to be enjoyed to the full. That is the whole point of our existence.

Every moment of every day you have choices to make, choices however small or big, that will affect your life on some scale. Please make them awake. Please be mind full in your decision making and not do something because it’s not “the done thing” to do or because the neighbor’s chin’s will be wagging. Or do something because that is just the way we do things around here or because you are following the sheeple that walk before you. You are an individual. You are whole. You have the reigns in your hands and you have a voice and the decision my friend is all yours. If you want to have your cake and eat it, you do that! You do you. This life is yours. You are the captain, sail this ship with your eyes wide open towards the destination that makes your soul come alive…and where there is cake, lots of cake.


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